Let Me Make YOU The Expert In Your Industry

Ghostwriting, Book Publishing, Coaching & Marketing

Do you want to set yourself apart as the expert in your field?

Want a fantastic passive stream of income that comes in month after month no matter what?

Have a passion for writing, but not making any real money as an author?

Looking for a totally new type of business where you do the work once and make money over and over?

You might like the movie Groundhog Day, but maybe you don’t actually want to LIVE it?

So, let me shoot it straight because I don’t like a lot of fluff (and my lattes are light on the foam too BTW)…

The ONLY thing holding you back right now is making a decision. One simple decision can change your life. And your bank account.

My name is Charity Cason (you were probably tipped off by the website address), and my mission in life is simple РI take people who want MORE and I help them get it!

As a professional Journalist, ghostwriter and bestselling author, my clients come to me for top-quality ghostwritten content, one-on-one coaching for their book publishing businesses and marketing to make their books bestsellers.

If you’re a business professional looking to publish a book, I can help!

Not everyone has the time or ability to write a bestselling book. Maybe you need us to write your book for you. Or maybe you need help getting it published. Perhaps you need coaching to build your book business. Or maybe you want us to do your marketing for you!

Whatever you need, we’re here to help.


Count every minute with Charity as training for your near future success. From learning that there is a difference between building a business and replacing a J-O-B, to personal insight on your entrepreneurial mindset (an undervalued but absolute prerequisite to business growth), to understanding what drives your target market to action.

Charity’s perception and advice are unmatched in the industry. I tape my time with her. She’s better than a good book as every time I hit replay I pick up new nuggets of gold.

Laura Childs