You Want More. I'm Here to Help You Get It.

Sick of Feeling Stuck?

Stuck at the same income level?

Stuck in a job you hate with people that make you crazy?

Stuck in traffic every freaking day of your life?

Stuck answering the same monotonous questions in your J-O-B?

You might like the movie Groundhog Day, but maybe you don’t actually want to LIVE it?

So, let me shoot it straight because I don’t like a lot of fluff (and my lattes are light on the foam too BTW)…

The ONLY thing holding you back right now is making a decision. One simple decision can change your life. And your bank account.

My name is Charity Cason (you were probably tipped off by the website address), and my mission in life is simple – I take women who want MORE and I help them get it!

Want more income? Let’s go get it, girl!


Want more time? How about setting your own schedule?

Want more yoga pants? I rarely get out of mine!

I’ve built multiple six-figure businesses over the years, and the steps are always the same. But all of those steps start with one thing – that pesky decision we talked about just a second ago.

Are you gonna make the decision or not?


Are you going to stay where you are because you’re “comfortable”? 

Or, are you going to do what very few people do and decide that the pain of being comfortable isn’t worth it anymore?

Picture this: I’m standing on the other side of a deep cavern and you have 3 choices:

You can stay where you are, pitch a tent and hope that one day a miracle whisks you away to Hawaii and gives you a fat bank account. This is what I call the “lottery mentality”. Good luck with that one.

You can walk allllll that way around the huge cavern which will take you day or even weeks of time, tire you out and cause you to eat termites for fuel. While that might be fun with Bear Grylls, it’s an exhausting route to take.

You can grab hold of the long and strong rope that I’ve thrown your way and zip line across to my side, where there’s a nice, crystal clear pool, a few cabana boys and ice cold sweet tea (hey, I’m Southern, we like that stuff).

So what’s your choice?


Do you want to stay where you are? If so, that’s a choice too. And for some people, it’s the right one. I know, I know, not the best “entrepreneur” thing to say.

Do you want to try going it alone? That’s a choice too. It’s going to take longer. It’s going to hurt. And it’s going to cost you a lot of time and money. I promise.

Do you want to grab that rope and let me show you exactly what to do to break free of where you are right now?

Listen, after building two service-based and two digital product based six figure businesses, I’ve learned a lot about the mindset shifts you MUST make if you want to earn 6-7 figures and beyond. 

And it starts with the choice you make right NOW. 

You’re on this page for a reason. Nothing happens by chance.

If you choose CHANGE, simply click HERE to get your totally FREE 20 minute Discovery session scheduled with me.

I’m throwing you the rope. Will you grab it?

Count every minute with Charity as training for your near future success. From learning that there is a difference between building a business and replacing a J-O-B, to personal insight on your entrepreneurial mindset (an undervalued but absolute prerequisite to business growth), to understanding what drives your target market to action.

Charity’s perception and advice are unmatched in the industry. I tape my time with her. She’s better than a good book as every time I hit replay I pick up new nuggets of gold.

Laura Childs