I’d been grasping in the dark with a project idea for a couple of years, and it finally coalesced into a book late last year. So I began writing, and writing, and re-writing… And editing… And trying to create a book cover, and figuring out how to get the book published, and market it. I felt like I was trying to manage an octopus! When I discovered Charity – at first, it was kind of an accidental thing. Then I found her Udemy courses, and her Amazon books, and I was hooked on her great ideas and simple ways to implement them in MY Own business! But I was still – struggling. Chasing the next shiny object, reading this report, taking that course, and being pulled in 10 different directions – and still not finishing my book!

Back in June of 2015, Charity ran a special on coaching, and I took her up on it. And I missed the first call, because I was busy volunteering at a triathlon! I quickly called her back, and we got down to business. And all I can say is, “wow” – I was blown away. She laser-focused me onto a much more narrow path, while giving me a lot of great ideas for moving my business forward. I wasn’t able to get down to brass tacks for another month due to family vacation, work commitments, family illness and helping someone move across the country – but when I got back in my groove (August 2015) – I published not one book, but TWO books on Amazon in one week! And honestly – without the private coaching from Charity, the constant inspiration from the private Facebook group she hosts, and her continued forward movement in the marketing world (like Periscope) – I don’t know if I would have ever made the jump to get the FIRST book completed, much less TWO!!!

One of the things that she said early on stuck with me – once you get the FIRST book published, you’ll be hooked. Well, let me tell you, she’s absolutely right! So if you’re struggling, and can’t get over those stumbling blocks – I highly recommend private coaching with Charity. Her experience and resume’ speak for themselves, but once you actually get in touch with this lady – you’ll find yourself thinking differently, and working smarter. You will not regret it.

Wanda Bailey


Count every minute with Charity as training for your near future success. From learning that there is a difference between building a business and replacing a J-O-B, to personal insight on your entrepreneurial mindset (an undervalued but absolute prerequisite to business growth), to understanding what drives your target market to action – Charity’s perception and advice are unmatched in the industry. I tape my time with her. She’s better than a good book as every time I hit replay I pick up new nuggets of gold.

Laura Childs


I’ve been in Charity’s Facebook Group – Passive Income Mastermind – for about a month or so now and in that time, Charity has been consistently uplifting, motivating and willing to share advice. Glad I found a positive area with positive people. Thanks a bunch, Charity!

Mignon Supnet