10 Detective Thriller Plots


10 Detective Thriller Plots


Product Description

These plots are in the detective genre, so they would be suitable for authors who want to publish in the mystery, suspense and even thriller niches. I’m telling you that these are some of the BEST plots I’ve released yet! They are action packed, and many of them feature sci-fi components. You can turn these into all kinds of books from romantic suspense to horror.

If you’ve purchased my plots in the past, you know that they are popular because they are COMPLETE and easy to use. These plots are no different!

I worked with the mystery/thriller romance writer on my team on these plots. Each one is written almost as a short story so you can get the flow of the storyline. They also have character sketches. This set doesn’t have chapter breakdowns due to the length of them, but it is very easy to break the story into chapters yourself.

Each plot is about 3-5 pages in length (2000-3000 words on average).

So what do you do with these plots?

* Create short stories
* Create novellas
* Create full blown novels
* Create a series
* Serialize and release them once every couple of weeks (a BIG money maker!)

It is VERY important that you do NOT publish these plots as-is, however. These are a guideline. Change the character names, characteristics, places, events, etc so that your stories are completely unique to you.

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