Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring a Ghostwriter


As a long-time professional ghostwriter, I get a lot of questions from potential clients about the process. Below you will see some of the most common questions and answers about working with a ghostwriter.


What is a Ghostwriter?


In simple terms, a ghostwriter is the behind-the-scenes wordsmith who crafts the content of your book for you. They stay in the background and don’t take credit for your book, so you are free to put your name on it and do with it what you please.


Does the Ghostwriter Get Credit at all?


This is negotiable, but not usually. Most ghostwriters are perfectly happy remaining in the background and not getting credit, but sometimes a client wants to put the ghostwriter on the book as a co-writer, and that’s fine too.


Will the Ghostwriter Tell People That They Wrote My Book?


We put legal non-disclosure agreements in place to make sure that the client knows their order with us is totally confidential.


Who should hire a ghostwriter?


We get clients for a variety of reasons. The first is because they just don’t have the TIME to write a book and get it published. Business professionals are especially busy running their day-to-day operations, so a ghostwriter can be a huge help in getting a book written, formatted and published.

Another reason is because not everyone has the skills to write a book. Perhaps you have an idea of what to write, but you don’t know how to turn those ideas into an actual book. Or maybe English is a second language. Or maybe you just hate writing! That’s perfectly okay and why ghostwriters exist in the first place.


How Much Information Would I Have to Give a Ghostwriter to Get Started?


This depends on the topic, really. Some clients provide a full outline while others only give us a general topic. We will work with you throughout the process to make sure that we’re providing what you need for your book.


What Types of Books Do Ghostwriters Write?


Our team does fiction and non-fiction. We cover non-fiction topics such as business, health, personal development and more!


How Can a Ghostwriter Write on So Many Different Topics?


We can only speak for our team, but Charity Cason is an experienced journalist with great research skills, so there’s not much she can’t write!


How is a Ghostwriter Paid?


Some ghostwriters charge by the hour, however we do NOT. We charge per word and will estimate the number of words needed to cover your topic and achieve the page count that you want for your book. This will be decided upon in advance. The cost per word for Charity’s work is dependent upon the topic and what information is provided up front, so all jobs are quoted on a case-by-case basis.


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